Historia De Mi

Producer: Fernando de France & Maria Marcos

A 33 minute short filmed in Betanzos, Galicia, Spain

The hope, the desires, the dreams of the human soul … and how the eternal seed of love can change the life of a ten-year-old girl, as well as that of an adult who is over fifty.

A film of hope, expectations, yearnings, and dreams… and how they can transform the lives of a young girl and a older man.

La esperanza, los anhelos, los sueños del alma humana … o de cómo la semilla eterna del amor puede cambiar la vida de una niña de diez años, así como la de un adulto que sobrepasa los cincuenta.


‘Without Judgement’ Written, Composed & Produced by Joe Dworniak

All other music composed by David Gómez, Arranged & Produced by Joe Dworniak for Riverfish Music