Artist: NothingAboutME
Producer: Co. Production

NothingAboutME was formed in 2016.  The name was chosen idealistically as an identity for the songwriting duo, Sarah Stanton and Joe Dworniak.  The intention was to shift the focus away from the artists themselves, and keep the attention on the personality of the music and the equal importance of the artistic collaborators working on each project.

Woven through all 4 tracks is the prominence of Joe’s bass lines and intuitive musical arrangements that underpin the duo’s sound. They form the pivotal point from which Sarah’s soaring vocals and emotive melodies subtly draw the listener in.

The songs on this EP muse on the relinquishing and cutting free from the past, liberation and the presence of a keener sense of self, and how we connect to one another.  Each track is authentic, heartfelt and crafted.  The vocals and sentiment are enveloped within rich soundscapes; the stories that are told unravel beyond the confines of our imaginations.

Produced by Joe Dworniak and Sarah Stanton, Engineered by Joe Dworniak