Artist: Jarabe de Palo
Producer: Joe Dworniak

‘La Flaca’ was the title track and 1st single from the debut album by the late artist & songwriter Pau Donés, lead singer of the latin rock/pop band Jarabe de Palo.

The album was originally released on Virgin Records in 1996 and sold over 1 million albums.  The album delivered 3 hit singles ‘La Flaca’ (over 442 million streams on spotify and over 277 million views on YouTube), ‘El Lado Oscuro’ and ‘Grita’.

The first album was hotly followed by ‘Depende’ in 1998 and ‘De Vuelta y Vuelta’ in 2001.  ‘Bonito’ in 2003 and ‘IM2’ in 2004 were released on Warner Music Spain.

All 5 albums were produced by Joe Dworniak.  In 2017 Pau asked Joe to mix ’50 Palos’ the anniversary album released on Tronco Records to celebrate Pau’s 50th birthday and to coincide with 20 years for Jarabe de Palo.